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Secret #1: Situational Leadership in Autonomous Teams Practice the type of leadership that suits you best.

Today I want to share with you secret number one of autonomous teams: Situational Leadership. I will help you discover how to practice the type of leadership that best suits your teams.

After so much information and so many words swirling around you about leadership, you may already feel confused, and your teams may be following your example.

Be aware that there is no universal type of leadership! Depending on the stage your team is at, you need to adopt one of the following leadership models:

At the beginning, it may be necessary to adopt a directive leadership style. As the team gains experience and confidence, you can transition to a coaching leadership style. When the team becomes more mature and independent, you can adopt a supportive leadership style. As the team reaches a high level of maturity and performance, you can adopt a delegative leadership style. I'm curious, what type of leadership do you currently practice? Reply to this email with your answer.

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