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Secret #4: Supportive Leadership in Autonomous Teams

Today I want to teach you how to lead by providing support to your teams.

Attention! Teams can be led by offering support if, at the moment, you can lead them through coaching. If they still struggle with discipline, it's complicated, perhaps even impossible, for you to provide supportive leadership. In practice, they will get stuck, not achieve results, and remain in creation, on your time and money.

What does leadership look like when you offer support:

  • Give the team the freedom to manage their own tasks and set their own goals.

  • Be available to offer guidance and support when needed, but avoid getting excessively involved in the team's work.

  • Delegate important tasks to team members who have demonstrated competence and responsibility.

  • Create an environment of trust and respect in which team members feel comfortable taking risks and expressing their opinions.

Remember that there is no universal recipe for situational leadership. Adapt your leadership style according to the specific needs of your team and the context of the situation. Be flexible and ready to adjust your approach as the team develops and faces new challenges.



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