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Secret #5: Delegative Leadership in Autonomous Teams

Today I'm sharing secret number 5: how and when to lead autonomous teams through delegation.

Delegation is something many of us dream about, but often we confuse it with abandonment. Delegation is not the same as abandonment. And not all teams are ready for delegation. To be able to delegate, you need your teams to go through the phases of directive, coaching, and supportive leadership. Only after you see that supportive leadership is effective, can you move to the next level: delegation.

What does leadership through delegation involve, in short:

  • Providing the team with full autonomy regarding projects and responsibilities.

  • Focusing on setting strategic objectives and ensuring the team has the necessary resources to succeed.

  • Providing periodic feedback to the team regarding overall performance.

  • Finally, recognizing and rewarding the team's significant achievements.

Remember that there is no universal recipe for situational leadership. Adapt your leadership style according to the specific needs of your team and the context of the situation. Be flexible and prepared to adjust your approach as the team develops and faces new challenges.

The secret to leading autonomous teams isn't the leadership style, but your intelligence in adopting the right style for the given day.



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