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Systemic management #12

Differences between action, outcome, process and habit

What is the difference between:

  • strategic action,

  • result,

  • process or

  • habit?

Strategic action is what you DO to get the result.

Processes represent (HOW) the steps by which you execute the strategic action to reach the result.

The result is the effect of the strategic action.

A habit is an action you perform repetitively.

Let me give you an example:


  • strategic objective: I want to bill 1 client in October

  • to bill a customer I need the following intermediate results:

    • 10 prospects

    • 3 leads

    • 1 invoice.

Result (effect) and Strategic Actions (cause).

In practice, we are discussing 3 objectives, each with distinct strategic actions:

  • objective 1 = Result: increase number of prospects from 0 to 10. What I do (actions):

    • I write benefits for the product or service I'm selling

    • landing page

    • 3 videos

    • email sequence

    • demo webinar

    • or live event with demo

  • objective 2: increase the conversion rate from 0 to 1, from 3 leads. What I do:

    • the offer

    • 3 phone calls to plan a visit

    • 3 visits to close the deal

    • 1 contract

    • 1 order

  • objective 3: increase the number of transactions from 0 to 1. What I do:

    • 1 invoice and 1 contract

    • 1 email to the client

    • 1 phone to deal with any new objections

    • receipt

    • commissioning

    • ask for recommendation.


I will detail only one process, that is, the one by which I write benefits.

To write 10 benefits that I will use in all of my proposed marketing materials, I will answer a few questions:

  • What are the 3 most important characteristics of the product or service?

  • What is the client's status?

  • What just happened to the customer to create the need for the product?

  • What problem does the product solve for the customer?

  • What cheaper options does the customer have?

  • What more expensive options does the customer have?

  • What correct assumptions does the customer make about the product?

  • What wrong assumptions does the customer make about the product?


We will set up a daily meeting, on zoom, every day from 8.00, in which:

  • let's see what we did yesterday to reach the result

  • measure

  • we determine what we do concretely today to reach the result.


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