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The process of WHO

As you have seen, to grow a business inside the sales process we take into account several multipliers: launch of new products, number of prospects, conversion rate, average per order, number of transactions, and yield. For each multiplier, we have given you the process, and the best steps to reach the result every time as simple, cheap, and fast as possible. In the following, I will take each step of the process and tell you what you need to do.

Today we start with the process of WHO.

I find it interesting how when I visit someone I take that person into account. I think about simple things: the best time to visit, what gift to buy, whether it is a family or not, do they have children or not, how old are the children, do I bring flowers or not. And so on. When I'm in business it's like there's a short circuit in my mind. Suddenly there is no one but me and my product. I'm unsurprised that the client's first reaction is to put up barriers. Which makes the sales process difficult.

I need to know who my customer is. Not just knowing who I expect to sell to. I saw more than once that I expected them to buy x or y from me. On closer inspection, I saw that x never bought from me and y bought a little. And with great effort. Z buy from me. With Z we also make a profit. Z doesn't emotionally consume my employees. everyone is happy. So Who is my customer? What do I promise him?



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