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We have a clear vision in writing that has been properly communicated and is shared by everyone.
Our core values ​​are clear and we hire, review, reward and fire them.
Our core business is clear and our systems and processes reflect this.
Our 10-year target is clear and has been communicated to everyone.
Our target market is clear and our sales and marketing efforts are focused on it.
Our differentiators are clear and all our sales and marketing efforts communicate them.
We have a proven process for doing business with our customers. It was named and visually illustrated and everyone adheres to it.
All the people in our organization are the right people.
Our responsibility chart (organizational chart of roles and responsibilities) is clear, complete and constantly updated.
Everyone is in the right place.
Our management team is open and honest and demonstrates a high level of trust.
Everyone has rocks and focuses on them (3 to 7 priorities per quarter).
Everyone is engaged in regular weekly meetings.
All meetings are held on the same day and time each week, have the same printed agenda, start on time and end on time.
All teams clearly identify, discuss and resolve key issues for the greater and long-term good.
Our systems and processes are documented, simplified and followed by all.
We have a system to receive regular feedback from customers and employees and know their level of satisfaction.
A Scorecard is in place for weekly metrics and measurables.
Everyone in the organization has a number.
We have a budget and monitor it regularly (ie monthly or quarterly).

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Sum all the numbers above
If your score is between:

  • 20 - 34% Please apply the system and it will change your life.

  • 35 - 49% You are normal. But would you prefer to be normal or great?

  • 50 - 64% You are above average, but there is still room for improvement.

  • 65 - 79% You are way above average.

  • 80 - 100% This is where most of the customers who apply the system end up. This is your purpose.

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