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Breakfast with Entrepreneurs #1

How do you know if you're in the right place?

When asked how to hire, I tell entrepreneurs that when they hire, they need to answer two questions for candidates: Is the right person for the company? and is this person fit for the job?

The problem is that lately another question has arisen: what if the pandemic comes? Or if war comes?

When I think of entrepreneurship, I have the image of climbing a mountain. Which makes it pretty clear to me. Why? Well, when you climb a mountain you need to be prepared for any environmental conditions. And, moreover, it is exactly like in a pandemic: today everything was going well, tomorrow we are all obliged to stay at home. Or like in war: today you make plans on how you will renovate your house, tomorrow you leave everything behind. Just look ahead and look for solutions to save your family and life. It's the same with the mountain: radical and rapid changes.

I don't know how you are, but I often need to answer my own question: Am I in the right place?

For this I put a table on the sheet. The table header starts with the activities you will list in the first column and continues with a few topics: meaningful, personal development, learning, recognition, and new responsibilities.

On the first column write the activities you want to analyze, and then next to each activity answer the following questions at the top of the table:


if that activity is valuable to you, related to the topic in the column


if that activity is sometimes valuable, sometimes not so much, related to the topic in the column


if that activity doesn't help you with the topics in the table.

The total pluses in the table next to each activity will suggest which activity suits you best. I suggest you consider the first three (the first of three or the first two of five or the first three of seven) and make them a priority. And the total pluses next to the themes, from the last row, will tell you which theme motivates you the most.

Let me give you an example:


  • I should focus on the sales manager and

  • It motivates me to learn.

It's just an example so I can be more explicit. Try this exercise too. Don't worry too much about the answers, intuitively put pluses or minuses. Until next time,

Manageriază sistemic,

Claudiu Budean


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