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Breakfast with entrepreneurs #2

How do you get your employees to have your motivation? Well simple: DON'T. You need to work in your company for maybe 10 years, but an employee only 2 years. So he doesn't need all your motivation, maybe 20% of it. You play the COO, an employee can cut a carrot. So don't look to give motivation to a director, leave it there to the pleasure of cutting the carrot. You have the motivation to hire managers. An employee needs the motivation to hire… someone. Another needs the motivation to present benefits to a customer so that he can make a decision to buy or not. So, transfer from your motivation to those you work with according to the result that each one needs to reach. And so on. You want motivated employees: - look for people who match your vision - those who match what they have to do - and those who want to be part of your company with pleasure. What to do with the rest? Don't hire them.


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