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Systemic Management #1

I recently received this question:

Claudiu, what obsesses you?

Initially, I was worried about:

- children's health

- family happiness

- to have money for what I want, not just to live.

Then the plans came to mind:

- to find strong, disciplined, dedicated partners of character

- to find employees I can rely on to do the processes and reach the results I have established.

Thinking better, I realized that my whole life had been and is obsessed with this question:

How do I make things easier and faster?

Throughout my life, I've seen a lot of movies about rich people obsessed with adding some time to their lives. I gave up on things like that. I realized that life can be interrupted at any time. That's why I think about life exclusively from the perspective of the current day: I woke up, so today I will live to the fullest.

And for me, it means to do what I have to do, as fast and easy as possible, but to always get a better result. For this I look into my life and identify what I do repetitively, and for each repetitive thing:

- I'm writing a lawsuit

- I'm perfecting it

- then I test it, after I tested it

- I apply it to my life or to the people around me

- I make sure it's respected

- and only then do I try to help others apply these processes.

Maybe you got caught:

I AM OBSESSED BY PROCESSES = the way I always get a better result, but always simpler and faster.

Why are you obsessed?


If you like ideas, share them with others.

If not, give me feedback, I'd love to improve mine.

Thanks in advance.


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