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Systemic management #2

Simple! Simple? Simple. I find it very interesting that when we start writing the processes, to the question: What do you do to sell? In the case of a salesperson, for example, we are not told what he did to sell, but we are actually given the answer to the question: What do you think you should do to sell? Usually the things that need to be done to get a result are very few and, even if you think I'm exaggerating, very simple. But it seems to us that if we line up a few things to do, then we no longer deserve our salary. The outcome? We write processes (to-do lists) mixed with very long and complex procedures (how to perform those steps). The effect? People are scared of them when they see how much they read, and they give up. This is the reality I have encountered every time I started writing lawsuits. That's why I suggest you document each process with three words in mind: Simple! Simple? Simple. I mean? Don't wait, write what you do to get the result. It's okay with how the process turned out: long, sophisticated, complex. So demotivating that even it's hard for you to read it a second time. But when you first write the process, you have this word in mind: Simple, and with the sign! finally. You can even scream at yourself, but no one can hear you inside. At first writing, try to make the process as simple as possible. Then reread the process and remember the word: Simple, but with the sign? Is it really that simple? then rewrite, reformulate, restructure. But you're not done yet. Read the process again and if at the end you do not reach this word: simple, but with a punctuation mark. that is, yes the process is really simple, start over: - step 1 writes the process as it is, but Simple! - step 2 rewrites the process, but is it really Simple? - 3 reread the process and see if you come to the conclusion: yes it is Simple. So, how are you doing with the systematization of the company? PS: If you like ideas, share them with others. If not, give me feedback, I'd love to improve mine. Thanks in advance.


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