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Systemic Management #3

Confusion 1- The difference between process and procedure. I don't know if anyone has the perfect definitions, but we can axiomatically admit: processes are the things that need to be done to get a result (what? let's do) procedures, if we define them in relation to the processes, are the details of the processes through which we come to understand how to do each EC to get the result (HOW? to do) 2 - The best way to write a process. The most useful for the people I worked with was a checklist, a list of steps to do, which can be checked in separate boxes: ok, to repair, to replace, etc. There are processes and procedures that require narrative writing, but are more difficult to assimilate. If you add a chart next to the checklist, you will visually help the person to see the order of the steps to perform. You need people to memorize processes and execute them intuitively. 3 - We don't have to like the process. The process is 100% mechanical, the result fulfills us emotionally. We must not like the process, we must not be creative in its execution. Don't add your own creation to the process, don't channel your energies to make the process better. Leave the process simple, run it as a trivial habit. Like: brushing your teeth or applying deodorant under your arm, daily and every morning, not just in the evening. If you run it as a habit, the result will be upward. The result we need to increase.

4 - Why people don't do processes. In short, it costs us: time, energy, money, training, improvement. And, to put it bluntly, laziness is a big lady. And I'm not talking about the man, I'm talking about you. You are responsible for how you pay for the result that the man achieves. The learning process has 4 main actions: - what the - How - advice - feedback. We often confine ourselves to the EC. We tell people what to do and that's it. Some of us also communicate how, maybe in the form: how I do it. Others define people as the result they have to reach. But few of us have a hard time exploiting the CUM. I mean? - Tell the man what to do - Tell me how to do it - shows how to do it - Get him to do it in front of you - advises - gives feedback. And you're not done, you have to constantly come back and advise, give feedback and bring the man on the highway. Some still take it through the dumps, others get lost in the woods, others think it's more creative to walk on trails, many drift on side streets. You bring them on the highway. What other questions should be clarified? PS: - If you like ideas, share them with others. - If not, give me feedback, I'd like to improve mine. - Thanks in advance.


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