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Systemic management #11

Clarity! No. 1 Benefit of Processes

Walking in clarity is a long and arduous process. It is based on the habit of constancy. It lasts a lifetime.

You need to detach and be patient for things to grow. Imagine you are a gardener. Clear the land, start plowing, deep furrows. Then you wait for the snow to blow the ground and the water to soften the clods of dirt. You talk, you rake, you remove the stones. Many dozens of days have already passed and you still haven't started sowing. Next you put the seed and water. A lot of work, sweat, broken palms and only hope. The watering process is constant, and when you finally see the first tendrils coming to life, you wonder: what pests or diseases will tomorrow bring.

The price of clarity is: TA constancy. You need to create an inevitable context to fill with the habit of consistency. Lots of consistency, because the results will come, but arm yourself with lots of patience. Only with patience comes growth. You need to believe in natural principles, that is, if you sow it will grow. Even if you don't see anything yet, significant transformations are taking place in the earth.

A habit I have practiced for over 25 years is to write in a journal every day. Call it what you want: free writing, whatever, but get writing. It starts from your thoughts, from your worries. Just write. You will see the benefits later: from a thought that filled your whole brain during the day, but if you put it on paper you will actually see what a small and insignificant thought it is. But you pestered him all day and got lost in all sorts of unproductive details. Maybe you haven't had a restful sleep in a long time, but I challenge you to imagine what it's like to sleep peacefully. You will be able to do this if you journal your thoughts every night.

The biggest benefit is clarity: in your mind, in your actions, in the things you delegate, in the business models you will bring to reality...etc. All from a visual projection of future realities that you will be able to bring into reality and people will buy, even if yesterday was just a dream.

You may be wondering what this text has to do with lawsuits. If you want to write processes in the company, start with the smallest process: you write in a journal. Do not start writing without having the habit of writing. Don't do processes for others until you follow the simplest process that brings clarity: daily writing in a journal.


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