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Systemic management #13

Why aren't the numbers increasing?

We all want to grow the numbers, yet why isn't it happening?

When I talk to entrepreneurs about growth most of the time the premises are similar:

  • I want to grow, I know that a company that doesn't grow will die

  • the goals I set don't move people

  • I don't have a process by which I can make growth plans

  • I don't have a mentor to tell me WHAT to do, HOW to do it, ADVISE me and give me FEEDFORWARD.

Growth plans make the entrepreneur lose what he has earned up to that point. Growth disrupts the company's course and then abandons grand goals. What does it actually do? Set comfortable goals at the beginning of each year. The effect: I'm not doing anything different, I'm building a company where people do the same things, the same way, year after year.

Why aren't we growing? The numbers show major swings. One quarter he makes his target, two quarters he swims in the swamp. Why? Because he can't keep the whole company on a planned path. People forget the goals, they forget the key results.

People relate to growth as something that belongs to the entrepreneur. Although the increase increases the pocket of the employee. But he does not personally burden himself with the goal of growth. Rather, they raise objections and in most meetings negotiate their lack of result.

He probably reached discouragement, all his life, daily he made plans and they didn't happen. He wants to grow up, but he no longer believes in ambition. The details of yesterday follow them today.

Entrepreneurs are consumed with these turmoil when planning for growth.

The solution is still in your hands. You have to push yourself from behind. Don't wait for the competition to take the first step and you to be behind them every time. Start planning. Look for a process that is as coherent as possible, call experts in the field, turn to consultants and don't give up.

It won't come out of the first one. But rather than being among those who will surely fail, better be among the 10% who will succeed.


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