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Systemic Management #4

Why pay the price of company systematization?

“There's no such thing as perfect. Chasing 'Perfect' is the shortest road to not achieving it.”

Gary Vaynerchuk

The strongest desires that make me systematize a company:

1. It helps you know where to start your workday.

2. It helps you improve your performance and implicitly your profitability, because you do much more in a much shorter time.

3. It helps you do business without going crazy.

4. You can make more money with less operational time.

5. It helps you focus better and have more energy to give your best.

6. You make far fewer errors and mistakes.

7. You identify root cause errors and correct them forever.

8. You will turn dysfunction into processes that will instantly increase the money you collect.

9. Processes are directly related to increasing cash flow. Through processes you generate, at the same time, the increase in turnover, profit and cashflow.

10. It helps you to work operationally 2 hours a week.

11. It's a way to stand up and know where you're going.

12. Constitute the mechanical steps necessary to bring peace and tranquility into your life.

13. It helps you replace speculative assumptions, like instructions, about work, business, politics, relationships, health... with common sense certainties.

14. Once the system is repaired, emotional improvement will naturally follow.

15. You will approach your business and life from above.

16. They will never be 100% perfect. But most of the time when they are implemented you get the planned result.

17. You will constantly improve the method of delivery to those to whom you delegate.

18. It helps you to be free, to make your own way.

19. It's a system where what you think matters, not your troubled past.

20. You will see the problem inside, you will no longer blame the defects on the outside.

21. Through processes a habit is established.

22. It helps you think from the perspective of the end, the point of sale.

23. People will do the processes and reach the same result even if the manager is not physically present.

I appreciate the systematization, but remember that:

„no law can systematize inspiration, and no amount of funding, policy or resources can structure passion.”

(Oliver DeMille)

Systematically manages,

Claudiu Budean

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