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Systemic Management #5

Symptoms that tell you your business needs processes

Writing processes is the task of the entrepreneur. But for this habit, please note: it is not an isolated moment in the company's history, you need to slow down and start writing. Maybe this is when you first ask for help. Don't hesitate to do it. The difference between a small firm and so-called big firms is: small ones are not systematized, and corporations have processes for the smallest details.

But let me not prolong it. I thought it helps you decide to start writing processes today if you know what to look at in your business to identify the moment.

So, take a sheet of paper and a pen and write processes if:

  1. You haven't implemented a habit of planning every three months, slicing goals weekly and focusing people every day.

  2. You don't have a process for delegating results. What you do? You delegate transactions, where people do that task once, and then it's forgotten.

  3. People arrive at work and don't know what to put their hands on.

  4. Constantly in the daily meeting people say that they did not accomplish yesterday's tasks.

  5. When you see that everyday people don't work on what you think is important, because they get involved in insignificant details.

  6. When the results you plan are achieved below 80%.

  7. People react to tasks with the phrase: I don't have time.

  8. When people constantly stay overtime to complete the day's tasks.

  9. If repetitive tasks are not automated.

  10. When you get daily feedback of dissatisfaction from customers because you don't keep your word.

  11. Every time you have operational tasks that you cannot delegate, think that it is time to slow down and systematize the company.

  12. When the good running of the company depends on your physical presence in the company.

  13. When you spend more time on your phone than in activities with your children during the holidays.

If you feel that 60% of the statements suit you, start writing processes.

Systematically manages,

Claudiu Budean

PS: Want to read another article? Click on the link below and access an article written in the past:

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