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Systemic Management #6

Don't discourage.

Eliminate chaos and confusion from the company through processes

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine”

The first thing that increases productivity in a team is: people know exactly what they have to do to get the result.

This, people know what to do has several features:

  1. can be done in one day,

  2. it is concrete

  3. it is measurable

  4. it is 100% in the power of the person responsible

  5. is challenging.

How do people know what to do?

You can start with a simple habit: the daily meeting. This habit through repetition will become your team's routine, replacing chaos with productivity.

Planning the day.

You will see how people plan their day ahead of time, mentally, and when they get to the office, they stop negotiating with themselves whether to start or not, they just start doing it.

Intuitive view of the steps to follow.

If people constantly follow some steps, you will see that for any task they visualize the steps intuitively because they are convinced that this way they get to the result faster.

Walking your team in clarity.

Following precise steps in the activity brings clarity. Clarity moves people to do. Confusion blocks people's minds and actions.

Easy communication.

Today the achievement of an objective is dependent on what everyone in the team does, but synchronized. When the steps are clearly specified in a checklist, communication becomes much simpler. People know what you expect from them, they don't need to dream of what's probably on your mind.

Improving processes, not people.

When people follow processes and become the best at performing certain steps, you will no longer create in your company so-called gurus of a certain position, who can be unproductive because certain results are completely dependent on them. Results are not dependent on people, results are dependent on what people do. Think about how many of your customers are buying: your intent to sell, your desire to sell, your selling attitude? No one. Everyone buys your actions: calls, offers, visits, delivery. The customer buys what you do.

Perhaps most importantly, if you eliminate chaos and confusion through processes, you eliminate causes forever.

Have you measured the confusion and chaos in your company? What results did you get?

Systematically manages,

Claudiu Budean

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