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Systemic Management #8

What problems do the processes solve?

Many times when discussing with entrepreneurs, although they talk negatively about chaos and confusion, they read between the lines that we like to make everything dependent on us, it rubs our hearts when people say that it is not possible without us. And then, no matter how much we complain that there is chaos and confusion, we actually don't want to replace people with processes, it seems inhumane to us.

Unfortunately, we are not really aware that a business dependent on us affects all the contexts in which we are involved. And after a few decades we ​​look back with regret and see that our own children grew up without us, that we no longer had a life, our body is weakened from so many sleepless nights and thousands of hours of overwork.

Sometimes I think, what would have to happen in my life as an entrepreneur to write processes? Unfortunately it took me many years to:

  1. micromanagement where people checked off activities, that they did, but didn't get the result

  2. days where I got lost in the details instead of slowing down and working on the results we are responsible for

  3. I hired without even knowing from the beginning the results for which the new colleague is responsible

  4. we abandoned people in the daily work without even an induction

  5. I paid salaries to people without objectively evaluating them, in fact, what can I say? We argued about what the client didn't do.

  6. I hired and paid commissions without knowing if salespeople were suitable for such a role

  7. then I didn't know how to let go of people, I didn't know when to let go, and I lost clients because of my indecision.

Unfortunately the list does not stop here. We lost many customers because those who were in contact with them conveyed chaos and confusion. The effect: the client became stone-cold towards us and worked with other companies where things were clear, where, to buy, it was simple.

Perhaps the most damaging is when we lose confidence in ourselves, because every time you feel like you are taking everything from scratch and you have to reinvent everything. You want and you even take concrete steps to grow the company, but the details not resolved in time drag you down, slow you down, maybe even stop you.


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