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Systemic Management #9

The tedium of processes.

Why didn't I make the decision to eliminate the confusion and chaos though?

Let me recap.

My goal: to walk in clarity. Clarity is the opposite of confusion and the cause of order.

To walk in clarity I have two conditions to fulfill:

  • to bring clarity on a personal level

  • and bring clarity to the team.

The assumptions I start from sound something like this:

  • if things are not clear to me personally, I have no chance to clarify the processes for the person next to me, and

  • processes and their measurement bring me to reality and help me find the cause. If the customer doesn't buy and I point a finger at them, I need to be aware that four fingers are actually pointing at me.

We cannot make the decision to buy for the customer, but we have to do all the processes to bring clarity and the customer can make a decision.

The conflicts I experience when I need to move and bring clarity, even if I'm not necessarily aware of them, might go something like this:

Sometimes I feel like it's easier for me to live the consequences of confusion and chaos, because I'm more used to adjusting the effects, than planning the causes well and then being able to enjoy the success.

Maybe I really like to be a little god, to be told how strong I am, that everything depends on me.

The lack of clarity confuses me when I visualize the steps I need to delegate to get to a result. I don't know what the critical process is and it brings tension in the team because I don't know if the employee was supposed to be responsible for that result or if there are things that also depend on the client. I don't know what to count. Most of the time I am confused and then I don't even see the reality of my own imagination. Unfortunately I have come to call confusion clarity and clarity confusion.

But, the process is like a rock on which if you build your business you can face the weather of financial crises. Likewise, only through lawsuits can you resolve the turmoil caused by these younger people. Who no longer wait 10 years to perform in a position, but come and, if they do not reach the performance of their grandfather after 6 months, they resign.

So don't delay, make the decision today to write lawsuits.


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