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Email Sequences Process

E-mail is the tool with which we reach the fastest, directly to the attention of our ideal client. It's more invasive than a Facebook ad, for example. But it operates directly in the blue ocean area, where our ideal customer is and where we have oxygen, and profit, for our business to grow.

A question I often get: how many emails should I send? Doesn't the client get tired of me?

It is not an answer to this question, turned in two. If you give value to your customer, he won't get tired of you. He can postpone if the client doesn't want to read what you wrote today. He is not obliged to do anything. But don't spam him and give him the option to opt-out.

Most abandon email sequences, even though they are powerful tools that attract prospects or increase the number of transactions with continuous use. No matter how many other tools other platforms bring, the e-mail remains an e-mail, still a letter. We like to write letters, we like to read when someone writes to us.

What does the process I propose to you look like?

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