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The process by which you create a quiz and increase your conversion rate

Qualification quizzes are tools that give you the best chances of moving a prospect from intention to desire. From there, it's just one step to closing the deal. Quizzes rely on human curiosity, which, once activated through the promise you make at the beginning, prompts the customer to go through the entire sales process on their own.

If you want effective quizzes that bring in many qualified prospects, you need to shift the line between free and paid a bit further. You need to offer the customer something free from the sales process, such as a demonstration, consultation, testing, meeting, or experience. These are things that maximize the sales process, fully automated.

Why should you create a qualification quiz?

If you don't create these quizzes, you will continue to sell cheaply or at a low price.

Or you'll end up with prospects in the sales process with whom you need to use many sales tactics to close a deal.

You won't be able to make sales with sales representatives you find in the market. You'll need sales experts or you'll have to establish an academy within the company. However, instead of selling, you'll be training salespeople.

Without qualification quizzes, negotiation becomes an internal company activity. A favorite activity of our sales teams: instead of negotiating with the customer, they negotiate with the entrepreneur. Why? Because they deal with customers who have many objections, and the sales process is extremely complex.

Regardless, you're paying for the complete sales process to take place. The question is how to save time for your people, and prospects can sell themselves without you being present every time.

The most important benefits of a qualification quiz?

Prospects sell themselves.

You can use the quiz with salespeople to get them accustomed to the sales process, and then, when they are with customers, they can do the same even if they are alone.

You automate the sales process, and each time you get better results. People get to know your product without your involvement.

If, in the case of email, the warm audience is usually between 20-25%, in the case of quizzes, the warm audience is 80%.

You'll have a constant flow of prospects to do new business.

You'll find that you can sell more expensive products with higher profits.

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