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How to acquire a systems mindset

The best habit to acquire a systems mindset is to read 30 minutes a day.

When you start reading, keep in mind that there are four ways to read:

  • elementary reading - when we simply read a material. The purpose of this reading is to understand the text.

  • inspectional reading - when you map yourself through the text. The purpose of this approach is to weigh: whether is the book worth reading or not.

  • analytical reading - the purpose of this endeavor is to have the text, meet the master behind the text, and identify a practical idea that you can immediately implement in your business with rapid growth effects.

  • syntopic reading - is reading about a theme from the perspective of several authors.

My recommendation is to read analytically, that is, read in such a way that you discover an idea from the text that will work for your business. So, as you guessed, next you find the process by which you analytically read a business book to identify a daily idea to focus on for the growth of your business.



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