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How to Build a Sales Landing Page

We are in a broader process where we want to increase the number of prospects = those who are curious. We want those who fit the criteria of our ideal customer. At the same time, we have the best chance of sparking their interest in our product. The product can be a physical one or a service. When we talk about the product, my suggestion is not to differentiate between goods and services. Both are products.

To increase the number of prospects, the first thing we did was to search for a marketing agency. After finding the WHO, we took steps towards HOW: we created a benefits writing.

Benefits writing provides us with marketing material for each marketing tool. The first marketing tool is an online page, which we call a Landing Page. The purpose of this page is to arouse interest. Our goal is not to sell (we do this through an offer) and not to present the technical details of the product (we do this through technical specifications).

When we launch products, our ideal customer may recognize the problem our product solves or not. If they are in the stage of not knowing the problem, then it is latent to them. To make the problem real, we need to educate the target audience before proposing a solution.

Regardless of the context, whether they don't know or know the problem, I propose the following steps:

The process of HOW



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