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How to create social media ads

And have you considered a marketing budget?" That's how we ended the ad discussion with our marketer last week. All possible thoughts went through my mind. I didn't tell them, not to discourage them. I also remembered that 50% of the marketing budget is wasted, and 50% may, but is not certain, bring results. As you saw, a week has passed, and I still haven't set the budget. I didn't even submit the lawsuit about marketing ads. I tried to repeat the process, again and again, to see if I didn't turn into a Prophet overnight and if I could predict the marketing budget that would bring results without clicks that I pay for and the client eating up my money. In essence, the budget is an illusion. You think about the future, estimate some amounts, and then spend them. You have no way of knowing if they're getting you results. The secret: test. In conclusion, I did not become a Prophet. So, I detail the process I propose to you to reach social media ads that bring you those prospects to whom it is cheapest to sell your product and keep a profit.

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