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How to increase the average per order by 20%

The effort to convince a customer, who bought at least once from you, to buy a second or third time, is about 5x lower. Unfortunately, most of the time companies are obsessed with acquiring new customers. The effort is exhausting, exhausts people, and consumes many resources.

In addition to increasing the number of transactions, through new products, in the relationship with customers who have at least one transaction history with you, you can improve the average per transaction.

Just think about the following situation: in the last month, 80% of your customers buy an average of 1000 RON. If you increase the average per transaction, only to this 80% by 10%. You collect another 100 ron per transaction with the SAME COSTS. You've practically eliminated the most pressing constructs in sales: increasing the number of leads and increasing the conversion rate.

Usually in this area of ​​objectives, the company starts to make a profit. Without profit, we have no chance of sustaining future growth.

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