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How to make videos that attract prospects


Through videos, we attract the attention of prospects. Somehow, we don't always know how, but we stubbornly struggle to challenge their Intention. Then we want to awaken the potential companies we will work with the willing to buy from us. Why? Essentially, we want qualified leads = that is, those companies for whom our product matters so much that they will buy and leave us a profit as well. We only need the companies that buy from us in the shortest possible time and with whom we can make a win-win transaction. A good video, we'll see, helps us convert.

The videos have to do with the customer, but also with our company. How?

Most of the time time is not in our favor. And then it's cheaper for us for a client to watch a recording without us being there. Let's think about the steps that take place: once watching a video, the customer makes the sale himself, when we, who knows, are on vacation, doing what we like, or maybe even charging our batteries. It's hard for us to synchronize our schedule with so many people. This is where a video comes in, which can be watched at any time of the day or night. What would we do if we were to have transactions with companies that are in different time zones? Most of the time we see that a video, listened to quietly, without the pressure of the salesman, more quickly unites the innovation of our product with its need. On the other hand, it seems that a video is perceived as more professional.


We are passionate about making things work without our limitations. No matter how good we think we could become, we are a limitation to our plans, our dreams, and our vision. The videos remain. They are the most active option through which someone can follow us, see us, hear us, even when we are not present. We see that sometimes we wait for a reaction to a video made by us, but from the prospect comes another, better reaction, which we did not expect and which, by our presence, we would neutralize without giving up account

What motivates us?

The information in the video does not need repeating. For us, the ones who build the video, it seems simple, but for the one who hears it for the first time, it is sometimes more complex. He needs to hear a message several times. A video proves to us again that repetition is the mother of learning, without being present and charging ourselves negatively for saying something, but too few are paying attention. A video helps us through the entire flow of the process, basically making us present in more relationships without even paying the price of being there for even a second.


Everything costs us, it takes time. For a video, we will see that it will be enough for us: 30 minutes to write a script, 60 minutes to record 10 minutes of video, and 60 minutes to edit and finish the recording. Then we load it onto a platform and… that's it. We are not going back to him. Others can complete it, promote it, and make it profitable without us being there.

We know it looks like something out of other movies sometimes. But let's not forget, that people are attracted to people who are like them: imperfect. We are not attracted to say what the supplier wants. Our suggestion is to make imperfect videos with persistence. Later we will see that people appreciate us as we are. Let's not get stuck in perfectionism, let's allow ourselves to make mistakes. Then we can correct and certainly progress.



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