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How to Recruit a Marketing Professional or Advertising Agency

In the last four articles, we've delved into the WHO+WHAT+HOW+STRATEGY details. These are four processes that help you define your strategy. Repeat them monthly, quarterly, every 6 months, or whenever you feel the need. Test them. See if the creative actions that bring your unique offering to the attention of the ideal customer are effective. If they aren't, make changes. Every time you repeat these processes (whether on your own, with a consultant, or with your teams), things become clearer, simpler, and more cost-effective. So, repeat the processes, as repetition is the mother of learning, especially in the realm of processes.

I know our focus is always on what to do. When it comes to strategy, our focus should be on what not to do. Too often, we believe that doing many things helps, but that's not the case. My suggestion is to detoxify your company. Choose to do only those things that truly yield results. Leave aside what doesn't help. This way, you'll have the time and resources to achieve the growth you've desired for so long.

Okay, let's get back to it. The first multiplier is increasing the number of prospects. And the first step to increasing your number of prospects is to find the right person. Perhaps you remember, that in the previous emails, I presented three barriers to growth: people, processes, and money. So, it all starts with individuals.

If we want to increase our customer base, we need to increase our number of prospects—people curious about what we have to offer.

Before diving into the process, I want to clarify a few things. Unfortunately, most companies leave the growth of revenue, profit, and cash flow solely to salespeople. The result is that we turn salespeople into some sort of super experts responsible for fluctuating results.

The salesperson is a role, not just a person. If we want things to work, we need to break down the sales component into several sub-roles. These could be marketing, sales, and customer care. Marketing handles strategy, messaging, and communication. Sales handle conversion. Starting with goals related to increasing the average order value and the number of transactions, I would involve customer care. In conclusion, the marketing strategy begins with a marketing agency or hiring a marketer. Below, I will summarize the process for hiring an advertising agency. How do we do this?

The process of HOW



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