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The process by which we identify the 3 unique characteristics of our company

Synonyms: differentiators and value proposition.

It's those things that make you different and are your weapons against the competition. You may have one or two unique features in common with other competitors, but you cannot have 3 unique features in common with even one competitor. Determine what are the 3 characteristics that make your company unique to the ideal customer (carefully, think from the perspective of the ideal customer).

Our goal: concentration.

The most common mistake: doing everything, in all industries, for everyone. It is a game that cannot be won.

An example. Southwest's three unique characteristics: low prices, on-time flights, and fun. The story of the woman who sent a letter of dissatisfaction after every flight is well known. One of the letters landed on the executive director's desk. After reading it in a maximum of 60 seconds, he wrote to her:

Dear Mrs. Forest Apple, we will miss you. Best regards, Herb.

We need in business a simple list of customers where we can track interactions with them and their quality.



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