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The process by which we FOCUS

Focus is as much about what to do as it is about what not to do. In fact, it is emotionally more difficult to give up 8 ideas that we like, but do not help us reach the result, than to implement 2 solutions that lead us to the result.

In the context of processes and flows, we need to identify the bottleneck. We apply the focus through the 20/80 rule in growth teams. We apply the focus through the intersection of talent, knowledge, and skills at the individual level.

The problem with narrowing in streams is that it is constantly moving. Another problem we have is getting the team to agree on the problem, direction, and solution. Only after you solve these problems will you be able to move your entire arsenal of resources to generate growth.

But let's do a little synthesis. Four problems:

  • where the flow narrows

  • agreement of the team for the cause of the causes

  • team agreement for direction

  • team agreement on the solution.

Anyway, the introduction seems a bit long, so let's write the process.



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