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The Process by which We Implement a Process

Lately, I've been getting a lot of questions like:

  • we passed X million euros, but with us, everything is done with a pen, what should I do to put the company on paper?

  • it works, but I'm exhausted, I don't have time for anything.

  • How can I build a team of managers who can do things better than me?

  • I'm a spoon in all pots, what can I do to stop everything coming to me?

Maybe the questions are big or complex. But the answer is simple. To systematize a company you need a process. Process if you follow it strictly you will succeed in building a company, not a company that pays you as the boss. If you have somewhere around 400 processes, it may be that in 18-24 months you can go on vacation in peace, hire better people like you, hire people who are not looking for work, have time for the things you like, are good at, and want to excel at.

If you want us to test the focus process with you in the team, send a replay to the email with your data so I can contact you

Finally, I want to add a few things about processes. A process is 100% mechanical. You don't have to like lawsuits. When you think about the benefit, you think about the result, not the execution. You cannot work on processes without detachment. You need to leave the whole, take it piecemeal, and focus locally, from a global perspective. As the specialists would say, they work glocally. Take for example watering the grass. It does not bring you satisfaction in itself, it is a boring, pure routine. The joy instead is seen in the beautiful lawn that results. The green at the end. Imagine the end: what your life will look like after you systematize the company, and with this image in mind start writing.



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