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The Process for Events/Webinars to Increase the Number of Prospects

Why Complicate Things?

We are obsessed with costs. Every time, we want to do everything possible to maximize profit. This can be achieved by increasing the quality of the product in most cases, but also by controlling costs. When we think about events or webinars (we can put them in the same category this time), we want to increase the desire in prospects for our product. For us, the event directly touches a sensitive, emotional chord. Somehow, if we want a company to make a rational decision, through an event, the intention is to overcome an emotional barrier.

We realize that people, in their decision-making process, do not trust us until they see us in person. Until they see our faces beyond the cosmetics. Until they hear us. At an event, they see us and hear us.

For us, it's hard to go door to door with every company without having some assurance of a transaction. To maximize sales in the context of prospects (I repeat to make sure I am heard), we prefer to gather them all in one place and talk once.

Some need to see the product, others need to touch it, and others need to ask as many questions as they can. All of these can happen at an event.

The costs of attracting new customers can be complicated and burdensome at times. If we gather them all in one place, we can connect more easily. Many times we write messages, and companies read them, but the financial benefit doesn't always make it to the customer's decision list. Some benefits are completely foreign to our synapses. At an event or webinar, we see each other face to face, see our reactions, and can identify the information to which we have the best response.

How Is an Event/Webinar Important?

Through an event/webinar, potential companies gain faster and more trust in us, the ones delivering the services and products.

At an event, we can do demonstrations. Demonstrations, when the customer sees the effect with their own eyes, lead to even more trust. This way, our product or service can be viewed in full action.

Let's think about more complex products. For these, we need more consultation. Without additional information, the customer will not decide in our favor. This type of consultation, within an event or webinar, increases the chances of selling more expensive products, leading to an increase in the average transaction value.

Our ideal customer has interactions with us: advertisements, and sales landing pages, but every time they read them, they are looking for one thing: price. If no one on our side guides them through the sales process, the customer will either try to buy cheaply or move on to the next offer, which is often from the competition. We want to maximize the moment the customer interacts with our offer or product. How? By addressing their objections.

Advertisements and videos are good, but they only allow visual or auditory interaction. At an event, we initiate a more personal relationship, closer to the customer's problem and need.

Every time we create a video or an advertisement, we assume a certain reaction from the customer or have in mind a problem the customer might have. At an event, we can talk to the customer directly, and identify the reality behind some effects interfering with our analysis. From experience, I have seen that we learn the most from customers, which is why we want as much interaction with them as possible.

What Results Can We Expect?

Some we invite, but they won't come. Others will come but won't buy. All should be treated with the same respect. - I would like more and more clients to attend the webinar. Let's not forget, the event/webinar is about the client, not about us.

Keep in mind that prospects have already made an effort to come to us, for the event, especially if it's a physical event. The customer also puts in effort in the case of a webinar, even if they don't travel. They give their time, take time away from their loved ones, and don't work on what benefits their business.

In conclusion, host a high-quality event/webinar. Make the customer feel good. Bring value to those who have responded to your invitation. And so on.

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