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The Quiz Process

I tell you from practice that a Quiz is the most suitable tool to reach the most qualified prospects in the fastest and simplest way (= that prospect to whom you can sell most cheaply, at the price you can profit necessary for growth).

Maybe the need your product addresses is latent. Through a questionnaire, you can turn this latent need into a real one.

Use a set of questions to automate the process of identifying the exact need and solution for my client. I have in mind in this case the products that are configured.

Quizzes arouse curiosity in the prospect who is not directly looking for you, but has the question or trigger in mind when following a message online.

By using a questionnaire you save time. Because the customer fills in himself. Through a set of questions, you can also do interviews. In this way you establish, in the discussion with the client, the standard you want from the answers.

Another healthy way to use this tool is to make sure your sales team is following the best process to sell, which is your process. Not the process every salesperson intuitively uses, but it doesn't necessarily get to the bottom line. Or, it gets the result, but not as quickly or cheaply as you planned.

The quiz helps you increase your average per order by asking the seller to sell with added value. I would also use the quiz in the case of a service. For example, I tell you from practice, that if you use an in-service quiz for the discovery process, you will reduce subjectivity and increase the average per order by 400%.

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